15 Women Reveal Which Olympic Athletes They're Crushing On (Insert Heart-Eyes Emoji Here)

Wendy Robinson | Aug 11, 2016 Celebrities

Jacob Dalton, Team USAI was a swimmer in high school and college, so naturally I love watching the swimming races in Rio. But, let's be honest, even if I hadn't logged thousands of hours in the pool, I'd still love watching swimming. Because I am a person with eyes and, hello, have you seen those abs?

But the glory of the Olympics is that it is 17 full days of athletes (from swimmers to gymnasts). Whether you are gawking at the aforementioned abs or falling in love with the story of a scrappy underdog with a heart of gold (or just wanting to steal an athlete's style), with more than 11,000 competitors there are plenty of crushes to choose from. 

Check out 15 women's top Olympic crushes. It looks like I have some competition when it comes to my love for the swimmers!


Images via THOMAS COEX/AFP/GettyImages

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