Simone Biles's Life-Size Cutout of Crush Zac Efron Is Simply Gold Medal Worthy

Simone Biles with Zac Efron cutout

While the Olympics may be fun for us to watch -- and perhaps even more fun for competitors to do what they love -- there's no denying that when the spotlight is on them in the moment, things get pretty damn intense. So with that said, we can't help but smile when we see the athletes in their natural playful and youthful element -- especially when it's 19-year-old gold medal gymnast Simone Biles.


The teen gave a tour of her childhood bedroom back in Texas to NBC and just about every feature in the room seems perfectly normal until you come across the life-size cutout of actor Zac Efron. Although this should come as no surprise (as she once admitted to having a major crush on the star during an interview with US Weekly), I don't think we anticipated just how big of a crush we were dealing with.

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In the same breath that she boldly told the reporter there was a time when she would kiss the cardboard figure on the cheek, she also acknowledged that this is a little strange. 

As silly and strange as it may seem, I have to admit a younger me probably would've opted for a life-size cutout (over a basic poster) of any number of my celeb crushes back in the day. And, be honest here -- so would you! 

Don't even get me started on how many of us would've responded if our celeb crush had written to us on Twitter. In fact, I think her response to Efron's direct tweet to her was golden and makes me want to go find the little girl inside of me who believed in the magic of untouchable crushes. 

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Hell, she still believes, and at this point in her career, her crush isn't even untouchable (just look at the little makeshift hand heart he made for her). 

Simone is literally all of us at one point or another in our lives (if not currently), crushing super-duper hard on big-screen heartthrobs. We all had a Zac Efron -- consider the era of Pitt, DiCaprio, and Cruise. Now that you've found the fond memory, just stay there with me and sip on nostalgia while you watch Biles dominate the games (with or without Efron's presence). 


Image via NBC/YouTube

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