Duggar Fans Voice Concerns for Israel's Safety Once Again After Derick Shares Car Seat Photo

Israel (Duggar) DillardHere we go again. Jill (Duggar) Dillard and her husband Derick might want to think twice about posting any more pics of a certain adorable boy in a certain position. In case you didn't hear, Derick's car seat pic of Israel has upset Duggar fans ... again.


Maybe the Dillards haven't learned from the last photo of 1-year-old Izzy in a car seat they shared, which also raised eyebrows. Or perhaps  they did, and are unbothered.

Who knows?

Tell us, do you see anything wrong with this pic?


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In case you didn't catch it, Duggar fans have an issue with Israel facing forward, the head support being too high, and the car seat harness being too loose.

One fan wrote: "Forward facing vs. rear facing is a choice. Wrong car seat and or improper use of car seat is not a parental choice. That's just neglect and putting your kid at risk."

"People mentioning the car seat aren't being 'negative' or 'rude.' They are voicing their concerns for this precious baby's life. They care more about his safety than others who say to leave it alone," clarifies another commenter.

"In some states it is a law that the infant/child remains rear facing until they are 2 years old. As for this car seat, the only thing wrong is the head support should be lowered down. This is a seat that can most likely be used from the time a child outgrows the infant carrier until they are out of a booster seat," recommends another.

As much as we rush to anyone throwing stones at a parent, recommendations -- for the sake of safety -- don't seem horrible.

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All of us can agree that Jill and Derick love little Izzy beyond words and likely wouldn't do anything to hurt him. And as much as there are things in this photo that would likely cause concern for some parents, we don't know the full story.

Maybe Derick took this photo before making adjustments?

We don't know.

Hopefully one of the many members of the Duggar clan will be able to help Mom and Dad make the necessary tweaks.


Image via derickdillard/Instagram

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