17 Taylor Swift Songs That Prove She Will Never, Ever Kiss & Not Tell

Taylor Swift

While I'm still torn on how I feel about Taylor Swift herself, I can't and absolutely won't deny that I can jam out to many of her songs. You see, I'm all for music that advocates never ever getting back together with exes. And, oddly enough, I can't wait to hear the tracks she pens when whatever's going on with Tom Hiddleston inevitably meets the same fate as her recent failed relationship with Calvin Harris did. We don't mean to be cruel, but even Taylor Lautner has confirmed that there's indeed a song about him. (Scroll through to number nine to get those deets.)


Although a great deal of the time Swift is teasing us with details and never fully indulging us with identities, it's become fun for us to name the crush she's exposing. That's why we couldn't resist capturing her paper trail of presumed ex-loves and those she pined over with this timeline of her music.


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