Leslie Jones Earns a Gold Medal in Live Tweeting & Gets to Bring Her Talents to Rio

Do you follow SNL's (and more recently, Ghostbusters') Leslie Jones on Twitter? If not, you're missing out because pretty much any news related to Leslie Jones starts on her feed and it's always a ride. If you do follow her, on the other hand, you're aware that she's been live-tweeting the Olympics. That, plus her amazing-slash-hilarious success with Game of Jones, landed her a gig as an official Olympic commentator for NBC, and we've formally concluded that she'll be the best announcer to ever live.


A question you might be asking right about now, which would be totally valid to ask, is why Leslie Jones has been live-tweeting the Olympics. The answer is kind of unclear, but judging from her commentary, it's because she has the purest strain of patriotism and love for the United States that we've ever seen. It's truly beautiful to watch.

So really, Rio is lucky that Leslie's on her way. The sports commentators there so far have ranged from unduly harsh to painfully boring to flat-out sexist ... though, to their credit, they are knowledgeable about sports. Leslie's not -- not really. And that, not surprisingly, is great news for casual sports fans: Finally, we're getting an announcer who cares less about a single bent knee and more about how absolutely insane and cool the sh*t these athletes are doing with their bodies is.

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Her glee is childlike, her enthusiasm unmatched, and her outfits perfection. Tell us hearing this live won't make everything more exciting:

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We tend to get frustrated listening to professional commentators tear the athletes to pieces for doing things that look incredible to our untrained eyes, so we're excited to hear from someone who shares our enthusiasm (and apparent blindness to mistakes) a little more.

Lesdog starts Friday, so get ready. If her Twitter so far is any indication, it'll be a ride.


Image via Jen Lowery/Splash News

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