Rob Kardashian Says the Most Vulgar Thing to Kris Jenner We Could Imagine

Well okay then. Rob Kardashian has been a bit of a wild card these past few years, but we were not expecting this. Kourtney Kardashian posted a video of Rob telling Kris Jenner to "shove your dick in my mouth," and we're all sorts of floored by it.


Take a look at the vid Kourt uploaded to Snapchat, and try not to cringe at the vulgarity!

Rob's big sis can be heard on the recording saying, "There's something so wrong with my brother -- I just want you guys to know that." Then he launched into his phone conversation with his mom, referencing her dick in his mouth.

The whole thing seems to be a big joke, but it still seems pretty gross to us. They may be laughing, but Kourt captioned the vid with three emojis full of sexual innuendo -- a banana, a cactus, and an eggplant.

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Normally we'd chalk this up to normal Kardashian shenanigans, but we can't help but wonder why Kourtney would post this while Rob seems to be actively on the DL with his pregnant fiancée Blac Chyna. Although the two have signed up for their own reality show, TMZ has reported that Rob is worried that the publicity will ruin their relationship. 

Whatever the reason, we're pretty sure we could've lived completely content lives without ever having seen this video.


Image via Splash News

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