'N Sync's Mini-Reunion Is Near Perfection -- This We Promise You

'N Sync

In every circle of friendship there are certain codes to adhere to, and for guys this is typically known as the "bro-code." I don't know exactly what the code consists of, but I'm pretty sure that there's something in there about always supporting and celebrating one another's milestones and accomplishments. In the land of boy bands, this often starts out the case, but once the band becomes a Behind the Music story -- not so much. However, that's not the case for the heartthrobs of '90s band 'N Sync. While these fellas won't actually give fans a reunion in the form of a music tour, they did reunite for JC Chasez's 40th birthday


Justin Timberlake took to his Instagram account to share a picture captioned, "JC's 40th... And, if you don't know now you know..." And he wasn't the only one who shouted out his friend and former band member on social -- Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick also gave a nod to the newly 40-year-old JC. 

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JC's 40th... And, if you don't know now you know...

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Chris Kirkpatrick even joked about the major milestone, welcoming JC to the "old man club." 

But, you probably know by now that this isn't the first time the guys have come together to support one another in their personal lives -- from VMA appearances to weddings and everything in between. And, personally, that's what I love about them! Their friendship has always been genuine and not a business transaction in the name of a few bucks. 

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I mean, just listen to the way Kirkpatrick described being in his bandmates' presence during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, as he told Johnny's House (an Orlando radio show) at the time: "I felt so confident again. When I get up there with those guys, I feel like I can't mess up; I can't go wrong. Those are my brothers. That's what we've always done."

Happy Birthday #JCChasez !!!! Comment with your bday wishes to JC!!

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Beyond the reunion aspect, can we talk about how they've all aged ever so gracefully? In fact, the DILF-esque look kinda works better than the spiky, gelled styles we knew and loved during their reigning era. 

If ever there were friend goals to look to, I'd say it would be theirs -- aging like fine wine (or whatever) and being as (relatively) tight as they were a decade ago.

Just face it, the band is simply the OG of #Squadgoals (no shade, Taylor). 

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