Kylie Jenner's Reaction to Blac Chyna's 'Slapping' Emoji Is Not What We Expected

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A few months ago -- not long after Kim Kardashian came out with her kimoji app -- Blac Chyna debuted a collection of emojis of her own: Chymojis. The similarity -- and timing -- had people talking about Chyna's app, but the real drama lied in the fact that one of her emojis was an avatar of herself slapping an avatar of Kylie Jenner. Yeah. Low blow. The Kardashian-Jenner family stayed pretty mum on the diss, but in Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kylie finally reacts to Chyna's emoji


The clip doesn't give away too much, but it does seem like some of the family members -- understandably -- are annoyed by Chyna's emoji. It appears that Khloe was the one to show Kylie the emoji initially. While holding her phone up to Kylie, she says, "Aren't you upset that Chyna made an emoji about you?" We then see Kourtney talking about how the timing of the Chymoji launch couldn't have been worse. "Just when everybody was welcoming Chyna into the family, this comes out," Kourtney says.

Ironically, out of everyone, Kylie seems to be the person who's the least upset by the dig. She seems to think that everyone is just confused. "There's so much misunderstanding going on," she tells the camera. Um, really? What's there to misunderstand?

Here's the video:


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Good for Kylie for being so chill about everything, but most people wouldn't attribute a rendering of someone slapping them in the face as a misunderstanding. 

Of course, this is only a clip, so we'll have to wait to see what happens this Sunday on KUWTK, but odds are the girls don't get into an all-out brawl, as we would have already heard about that already. 

Again, good for Kylie for wanting to keep the peace -- but brushing off someone trying to make money off of an emoji of herself hurting you? No. Stand your ground, girl. Your family's got your back. 


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