31 Famous Olympic Athletes Who've Made Headlines -- Both On & Off the Podium

Olympian Shannon Miller

Can you still feel the Olympic fever running through your veins? It's so addictive! Even though we all have two years to catch our breath, there's something about cheering for your favorite athlete that helps create so many amazing memories. So, in honor of the Olympic season, we're taking a stroll down memory lane. Come with us.



Shannon Miller. Michael Jordan. Tara Lipinski. These names ring a bell, right? They should.

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There are so many amazing Olympic stories that fill our timelines (not counting the fact there wasn't a thing called social media back in the day), it's hard not to pinpoint standout stories. From amazing world records to scandals that made our mouths completely drop, here's a look at Olympic athletes who made headlines ... and a reminder of (if they're not still competing) what the heck they're up to now.


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