Ariana Grande Gives Us the Perfect #TBT With Her Whitney Houston Tribute

Ariana Grande on ABC's greatest Hits

Years later, the music industry and fans are still mourning the loss of the great Whitney Houston. There's nothing close that could fill the void that the Queen left behind -- not even playing old albums on repeat. That said, we can certainly try to bring her music to the next generation (and pay homage to the fallen star) by selecting artists with the vocal chops worthy of recreating her iconic songs. And it's safe to say that ABC did just that in selecting Ariana Grande to honor Whitney during their new series Greatest Hits.


While Grande added her own spin to the performance with the retro outfits she rocked, she channeled nothing (and no one) but the late Whitney when it came to her vocals -- and we loved every bit of it.

As we watched her belt out the words to classics like "How Will I Know," we saw Grande give us the perfect #TBT performance. But we're sure that Grande's idolizing Houston helped and inspired her up on the stage, as the singer once told Billboard during an interview: "I'd watch The Bodyguard and tell my mom I wanted to do that one day. Her riffs are so precise and I love her tone. She's my inspiration."

The singer and actress gracefully reported to her fans on social media prior to hitting the stage, showing nothing but gratitude for the major opportunity. She even captured a photo on Instagram with the words, "honored to be paying homage to my angel."

Grande continues to prove herself despite the fact that many (or was that just me?) doubted her vocals after years of her playing the role of the squeaky-voiced Cat on Nickelodean's Victorious. But the truth is the girl never disappoints. Depending on the day, you may even get some retro Mariah Carey (pre-Mimi era, of course) vibes -- who knows. 

What we do know is that we, too, are grateful to ABC for doing right by Houston's legacy by selecting Grande. Award shows should definitely take note for future tributes because that was truly a tribute done right.

(Yes, we're looking at you, Billboard Music Awards.)


Image via ABC/HULU

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