Caitlyn Jenner's Latest Interview Could Start a Whole New Feud With Kim Kardashian

caitlyn jenner

Are those fighting words? After her controversial Vanity Fair interview -- you know, the one where she trashed ex-wife Kris Jenner -- the Kardashian crew hasn't been on the best terms with Caitlyn Jenner. And the former Olympian's recent interview probably isn't going to do much in the way of changing that. While chatting with Bill Simmons on Any Given Wednesday, Caitlyn insinuated that she was more famous in 1976 than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are today. This may be true, but if Caitlyn is hoping to patch things up with her family, this definitely isn't the way to do it. Fame is Kim's Achilles heel!


Caitlyn said, "1976 was kind of an interesting year, and the games in '76 were the highest-rated games of all time. Nothing even comes close to it anymore." But she was quick to add, "Not that I'm in competition with my family. But it's fun to think about."

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Caitlyn also said that when Kanye asked her -- or a mannequin of her -- to appear in his "Famous" video, the rapper refered to her as "the most famous person in the world." Caitlyn explained, "He said, 'We've got some mannequins,' and this and that, 'It's about fame, and you're the most famous person in the world.'" Really? Really? Is Caitlyn thee most famous person in the world? 

Things seem to be going okay with Caitlyn and the rest of her family right now, but there's no way the Kardashians will ever forget what she said about their mom. The dynamic has definitely changed, and saying things like this probably won't help matters. 

Caitlyn is doing amazing things for the trans community and is no doubt living her best life yet. She's incredible! But when it comes to her family, sounds like she's still got a few things to learn. 


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