Here's Exactly How Kate Middleton & Prince William Discipline Prince George

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Tantrums fit for a prince! Despite the fact that Prince George has more stamps on his passport at 3 than most will have in their lifetime -- and despite the fact that he'll someday be the king of England -- the little prince still acts like, well, a 3-year-old. Apparently, Prince George has his share of tantrums these days (like all toddlers do), but Kate Middleton and Prince William have devised a plan for disciplining their son so he doesn't turn into a royal nightmare. 


According to Radar Online's royal sources, Kate has taken to consulting a few parenting books, such as Positive Discipline: The First Three Years and The Happiest Toddler on the Block. Instead of putting George in "time out" when he does something he shouldn't, such as chase his dog Lupo with a stick or pinch his little sister, the duchess asks the prince to "take a break." George goes to a corner of his room and plays with a special calming toy or a fuzzy book. Awww. 

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The duke and duchess have also taken to playing George's favorite African drumming music when he's screaming and out of control. (Good idea!) And if George does something he shouldn't while out on the playground, he gets one warning before being taken home -- even if that means he's carried home kicking and screaming. The duke and duchess also, like every parent, have to deal with mealtime battles with their son. An insider said that if George throws his food on the floor and "makes barfing sounds," he has to help clean everything up and he doesn't get a replacement meal, only milk. And lastly, if George throws a tantrum on the floor, Kate apparently gets right down on the floor with him and imitates her son. George apparently finds this funny and regains his composure. What a sight that would be!

From the sound of things, Kate and William aren't messing around when it comes to disciplining their son. Prince George certainly has more privileges and material items than most, so it's probably not the worst idea in the world to nip any bad behavior in the bud while still showing him how much they love him. One of the greatest gifts the duke and duchess can give their son is having him be as down-to-earth as they are.

Good luck, guys. 


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