A Twerking Tutorial From Tennis Goddess Serena Williams? Yes, Please!

Serena Williams Twerking guide

I spent much of my childhood trying to master the art of twerking, as this staple dance move in black culture is almost like a rite of passage. It was a necessity to surviving school dances. I studied my peers as they viciously gyrated at our barn dances and tried my hardest to imitate the vigorous movement. Had I known all those years ago that Serena Williams was going to provide everyone with a simple guide to twerking, I promise you I wouldn't have studied so damn hard. And yes, you read that right -- the pro tennis player dropped a step-by-step tutorial for women everywhere. 


And this might just be gold, considering S's moves were featured in Beyonce's recent visual album Lemonade -- meaning who better than her to teach us? 

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Sure, you've seen Miley and the likes (sometimes) quivering like twigs in the wind. But I'll level with you that twerking is an art form, and watching a skilled woman do it makes all the difference in giving a "Jesus fix it" glance and a "Yaaas lawd, she's giving me life" stare down. (Sorry, Miles.) 

Williams breaks things down and provides viewers with a few options to helping you transition from a two-step to a twerk. 

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The only thing that makes the video infinitely better is her kick-ass confidence, as she told Self magazine:

I love my body, and I would never change anything about it. I'm not asking you to like my body. I'm just asking you to let me be me. Because I'm going to influence a girl who does look like me, and I want her to feel good about herself.

And that she did! So with that said, if ever you were going to attempt to bust a move, then you should definitely tune into Serena's fun twerking guide -- I know I'll be throwing on my Soffe shorts and sports bra (because trust me, twerking is a workout) just as soon as I get in the house.

Serena, if I can be even half as good as you are, then I've won. 


Images via Self

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