Caitlyn Jenner Spotted on Date With Mystery Man

caitlyn jennerThings have been quiet on the "who's Caitlyn Jenner dating?" front and we've been so busy with all other Kardashian news that we didn't see this one coming. Caitlyn Jenner was caught out on the town in London with a very cute date at her side.


We're going to guess he has a British accent -- they were in London. We are also going to surmise that she was maybe set up with him by a friend ... though we have no idea at all. We do love his jacket and how he's holding the small of her back as they walk.

caitlyn jenner date

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We are also going to guess that this mystery man is a little younger than 66-year-old Cait ... not that it matters. We think they look great together. Cait looks absolutely stunning, showing off those gorgeous legs in that white dress.

These two were not only spotted going into the restaurant Les Ambassadeurs Casino in London late last week, but they also arrived together in the same car. Fancy! Did Cait jet off to London just that same day so she could make this date with this mystery man happen? We'd like to think so -- and we hope she had an incredible time whether this was a romantic thing or not.

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Cait, who did say she was open to dating men as well as women, has a huge heart so we will just have to wait and see what transpires here. We hope for only love.


Images via Splash News; Gotcha Images/Splash News

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