Kylie Jenner Adds a New Member to Her Family

kylie jenner

The youngest Kardashian, Kylie Jenner has a new addition to her very elite squad, which currently consists of Ernie, Norman, Bambi, and Sophie. If you haven't heard these names yet, perhaps you haven't been paying close attention. And now ... introducing the newest member of her family, Penny!


Puppy love!

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Kylie's bestie, Jordyn Woods, gifted Kylie with this sweet little pup for her birthday. It's an early gift -- Kylie's official b-day is August 10, so the rest of us have time to shop to impress. Though I think we can all agree that nothing is going to top Penny the Puppy.

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Adopting dogs is Kylie's thing -- she just added to her four-legged brood in March in the form of a dachshund she named Ernie. He become brother to Norman, Bambi, and Sophie, Kylie's Italian greyhounds. We love this squad, and it gives us major squad goals.

Kylie, of course, will be entering the sweet age of 19 ... her final as a "teenager." We look forward to seeing what other gifts she'll get, but we have a good feeling that Penny will be the cutest one ever.


Image via Photographers Group/Splash News

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