Jessica Alba Leads Cry to #StopTheViolence by Honoring Teens Hurt by Guns

The Teen Choice Awards are hardly what one would consider a political platform, but at Sunday night's event Jessica Alba and Ne-Yo helped personalize the gun violence problem the United States is facing by introducing young people directly affected by tragedies brought about by the issue. And Jessica Alba could hardly hold back her own tears during the powerful -- and emotional -- segment.


The actress first introduced Patience Carter, a Pulse nightclub shooting survivor; JT Lewis, brother of Sandy Hook victim Jesse Lewis; Jolene and Colin Verdehyou, children of a San Bernardino shooting victim; the aunt of Cederrius Hastings, a boy killed in a drive-by shooting in Atlanta; siblings Jamal, Justin, and Myreanna, who are mourning their brother Jason Josaphat who died in the Orlando Pulse tragedy; and Alton Sterling's son Cameron, the 15-year-old who broke down in tears when his father was shot by police in Baton Rouge last month.

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Addressing the crowd, Alba said:

Tonight we stand together with these teens united in a call for peace and an end to this violence. Now more than ever we need to stop, feel, and ask: What's going on?

With that, Ne-Yo launched into a rendition of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" to continue driving home the message that something needs to be done in an effort to end such horrendous, nonsensical violence. They then encouraged the audience to take photos of the brave teens on the stage and share them using the hashtag #stoptheviolence.

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Thankfully, no one has yet to really question the awards show for treading into political waters, as the segment itself connected the very real faces of very real people who have been forced to cope with great loss due to lenient gun legislation, among other issues, that makes death by gunshot an all too familiar news story in this country. Considering the very members of the Teen Choice audience will soon be making decisions that impact the fate of our country, there's really no better time or place to provide a reminder that something has to change.


Image via Vince Bucci/FOX

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