Kim Kardashian's New Haircut Shows Off Her Sophisticated Side

We firmly believe that Kim Kardashian could do literally anything to her hair and it would still look fantastic, and Kim's new, super-sleek, super-blunt bob is basically all the proof we need. Okay, fine. It's maybe not the best proof -- it's not that Kim's new hair doesn't look good, it's just not actually that different from the cut she normally wears.


It's a little shorter, a littler straighter, and a little blunter, but that's about it. But all that works for her and makes her look tough and sophisticated.

Here's the Snapchat video she posted announcing the big change:

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Since all the info we got about her chop comes from Snapchat, we don't really know whether this is a wig, Kim minus extensions, or 100 percent the real deal. But we do know we love it -- so however she got here, we hope she stays.


Images via Splash News

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