16 Times We Were Honestly Worried About Scott Disick's Health

Meredith Gordon | Aug 12, 2016 Celebrities

Scott DisickSigh. Scott Disick. He had the girl of his dreams in Kourtney Kardashian and has three adorable kiddos, but he just can't seem to get his act together. That's because Scott is a wild child at heart who seems to enjoy living life on the edge.

Cruising the party scene is fun for a while, but for Scott, it makes him a ticking time bomb. His family is worried about his health, and for good reason. And quite honestly, whether you love or hate him, it's tough not to be pretty concerned about his overall well-being. Here are 18 times he gave his family, friends, and fans more than enough reason to worry.


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  • Always a Party

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    Despite a rehab stint in 2015, Scott continues to be a regular on the party scene. 

  • Bad Influence


    One of Scott's main sources of income is promotional appearances in Vegas, which might not be the best place for a guy who has been to rehab, and who has had problems with alcohol.

  • In Denial


    After Scott was photographed this past spring drinking on the beach with a bevvy of babes, he defended himself, saying he didn't have a drinking problem, and that he wasn't doing anything wrong. 

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  • Rehab, No No No

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    In 2015, Scott spent some time in rehab for what he says was an addiction to sleeping pills. Kourtney was forced to bring the children to rehab to visit him.

  • Double Trouble

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    Scott and wingman Chris Brown are regulars on the party scene. Both have extensive troubles and might not be the best influences on one another.

  • Downward Spiral

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    Both of Scott's parents died within the same year, causing Scott do go into a downward spiral that left his entire family fearing for his life.

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  • Missing in Action

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    Scott's disappearances, which have been well documented on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, leave Kourtney worried after he doesn't return home sometimes for days at a time.

  • Out of Work

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    Scott had a particularly wild 2015, causing some club promoters to cancel his appearances.

  • Getting Cozy

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    When Scott was caught getting cozy with stylist Chloe Bartoli in Europe, Kourtney kicked him to the curb, but his downward spiral continued, leaving the family worried and on edge.

  • Waiting Game

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    As Scott has gotten wilder, Kourtney said, "I mean, this is what he wants to be doing. So, there's nothing I can do at this point, you know? That's life."  

  • Water Break

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    Despite Scott's many trips to rehab, he still continues to party.

  • Getting Sloppy

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    Scott has regularly been seen staggering out of nightclubs late at night, or early in the morning. 

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  • International Incident

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    No matter where Scott goes, he seems to end up partying day and night. 

  • Lost in Translation


    After learning Kourt was pregnant with their third child, Scott went to a club appearance in Cancun, but didn't return home once he landed back in LA. 

  • House Broken

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    After Scott flaked on his kids multiple times according to Kourtney, she restricted his access to the house to keep the kids' lives as "normal as possible."

  • Split Personality

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    Kourtney admits she feels like Scott has "two personalities," which makes living with him really, really hard.

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