Khloe Kardashian's Response to Body Shamers Is Perfect

khloe kardashianKhloe Kardashian is dealing with some haters who are questioning her weight. (Eye roll.) Again! While she's unfortunately used to critics slamming her for being overweight, they are now body shaming Khloe for being too thin. She doesn't deserve this.


Referencing this shaming incident in a couple of tweets, Khloe's collective thoughts on the matter were, "I need to remember the date today!! Never would I have ever thought I would be in the media for being 'too skinny'. What on earth?!?! First I'm too fat and now I'm too skinny. I love this game!!"

Except it's not a game. It's a very real thing that people do to other people. And it's wrong.

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The 32-year-old is healthy -- she was healthy when she was however many pounds heavier than she is now, and she is healthy now no matter what the scale says or what size her jeans are. She doesn't have to be the same size as her sisters -- they are all individuals, and while it would be fun to be able to share all the same clothes ... that's not a must nor a reality. The key is for everyone to be healthy and happy. And I think we can all agree, Khloe is just that.

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She never deserved the nickname "the fat Kardashian" -- whoever came up with that and whoever used that term showed their true character in doing so. What's also awful is that we see that Khloe cannot silence those who must pick apart her weight and body no matter what her size. Why must everyone be so mean?

That is how we know she's strong -- she holds her head high and laughs at these haters. And we also know that she doesn't have a body like she does for sitting around reading all the hateful comments about her. She's busy putting in time at the gym, keeping not only her body strong, but her mind as well.


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