15 Throwback 'Songs of Summer' That Are Still Our Jam Today

Despite there being several hopefuls, according to the Washington Post, there has yet to be a definitive song of summer 2016. You know, the one song that seemingly has an unofficial crowning as the "it" anthem of the season --- the one everyone knows and hears practically everywhere. True, there's still plenty of time for a song to be crowned before summer officially ends -- but what defines a "song of the summer" anyway? And why should we care?


New York magazine once claimed there are three key ingredients to your classic summer jam recipe: It has to be released during the summer; it should be as mindless as possible; and it must be relentlessly catchy -- an unforgettable earworm. 

So, essentially, it's an infectious pop song that's as carefree and light as a beachball. 

Since there's no perfect candidate this summer (political pun unintended), we've curated a playlist of Songs of Summers Past for your windows-rolled-down cruisin' pleasure. 

Our favorites don't completely match with the Billboard list of the top summer songs of all time (and we had a pretty tough time choosing just one song that played on repeat each year) -- but we've picked the hits from recent years that still bring back strong memories of sunshine and seaspray (even if we only really listen to them nowadays while sweating it out at the gym).


Image via iStock.com/Anterovium

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