Taylor Swift Supposedly Planning Revenge on Kanye West -- Bet You Can Guess How

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Any day now! Since Kim Kardashian outed Taylor Swift on Snapchat, both she and husband Kanye West have managed to get a few digs in at the popstar, proving they have no remorse for what the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star did. Taylor, on the other hand, has remained mum and out of the public eye since Kimye's takedown. But! Apparently sources close to Taylor say that the "Bad Blood" singer is plotting her revenge on Kim and Kanye. And in true Taylor style, said revenge is supposedly in song form. 


An insider told Hollywood Life, "Taylor will eventually respond to Kanye but it will be with a song. If she were to respond to his recent disses, she knows he would react and use it against her. He would somehow twist her words and use it as ammunition." Kanye's recent disses, of course, include saying that he didn't like any of Taylor's tracks on her recent album in his Bazaar interview and yelling, "All I gotta say is I'm so glad my wife has Snapchat" during a recent show in Chicago. 

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Welp, it's no surprise there that Taylor would retaliate in song form, but ... is that the best idea? Taylor is an amazing songwriter and everything she comes out with is gold, but this is how she always responds. This is exactly what everyone is expecting. (Not to mention, not everyone has the same opinion that they've always had, so the song may not carry as much weight.)

Kim and Kanye said their piece and Taylor expressed hers on Instagram. Perhaps everyone should just leave it at that and move on. Because, really, what's going to become of continuing this feud ad nauseam? Nothing good. 


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