Kate Middleton Is Reportedly All Bent Out of Shape About Pippa's Engagement

Kate and Pippa MiddletonThere's nothing like a wedding to spark some family drama! If rumors are to be believed, Kate Middleton and her newly engaged sister, Pippa, are fighting over the latter's upcoming nuptials. What's behind the hard feelings? Surely it's bigger than a bad bridesmaid's dress, right? 


Well, it turns out the source of trouble may be Pippa's fiancé, James Matthews. The fact that the billionaire hedge fund manager's brother is the mastermind behind a few United Kingdom–based reality shows could be the reason Kate's knickers are in a twist. 

The Duchess of Cambridge, aside from her penchant for eye-rolling and the occasional funny expression, is a exceedingly proper lady. So it makes sense that Kate wouldn't want her future brother-in-law's brother filming the royals or spilling their secrets for his own gain. (Not that that wouldn't make for awesome TV-viewing, just sayin'.)

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Could we have a real-life Downton Abbey Lady Mary vs. Lady Edith squabble going on? Apparently, Pippa is so sick and tired of Kate's judgmental attitude that she's considering booting her from the wedding party unless she can takes it down a notch.

In Kate's defense, we can see where she'd have to be pretty protective of her family -- not only especially George and Charlotte, but also Will and Harry, who lost their mom at the hands of the paparazzi. 

We're sure, if there is trouble brewing, these sisters will work it out before Pippa's big day. Fingers crossed!


Image via Mirrorpix / Splash News

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