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Kourtney Kardashian's Ever-Changing Mom Body Is Truly a Work of Art

Kourtney KardashianSo ... it's pretty clear that having babies really seems to agree with Kourtney Kardashian. Has her bod ever been more on point than now, after having had three kids?!? Kourt's figure is nothing short of amazing, and she's worked hard to attain it.

But she also hasn't been shy about documenting her mom bod highs and lows during her journey. We love her for being so honest, and we you will too.


Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

Image via Splash News

4Third Baby on Board

Kourtney can even make pregnancy look fashionable.

Image via JLM/Splash News

5Hairy Situation

Kourt's svelte bikini body is on hold for the moment, but totally worth it.

Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

7Well Suited

Kourtney's ability to bounce back after her babies is amazing.

Image via VLNY/Splash News

8Bump in the Road

Kourt is one of those unicorns who thinks pregnancy is easy. No wonder she looks so good.

Image via Ron Asadorian-Eddie Mejia/Splash News

10A Little Pregnant

Even a detective wouldn't be able to tell that Kourtney is pregnant here, but she is.

Image via AKM IMAGES/Splash News

11First Timers

Kourtney made sure to do a lot of baby shopping her first time around. That's some lucky kid.

Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

13Quick Recovery

What an amazing recovery for Kourtney. Looks like carrying Mason around is a bit of a workout.

Image via Lek/INFphoto.com

16Denim & Diamonds

Post-babies, Kourtney looks as good as ever. Must be nice.

Image via SDFL/Splash News

17After Birth

Baby Penelope is just a newborn and Kourtney is already back in her skinnies.

Image via Sharpshooter Images /Splash News

19Let It Flow

Like every gal after she gives birth, Kourt opts for a flowy blouse to cover up the very little baby weight she has.


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