Rob Kardashian Might Be Headed Down an Unfortunate Path Again

rob kardashian blac chynaThere is a lot going on in Rob Kardashian's life right now and it is those stresses that could put him over the edge and make him slip into depression. We really need to worry about him right now ... and hope that his loved ones are paying attention.


If the rumors are true, Rob and Blac Chyna (who were engaged to be married) are no longer together. That in itself is enough to cause a lot of pain and hurt in Rob's life. Complicating matters is that she is carrying his baby -- and so while he should be excited about parenthood, he is also trying to figure out what is going on in his relationship with his baby's mother. Add to this the fact that he is in the progress of filming a new show. And he's a celebrity -- in one of the most talked about and watched families. So ... all eyes on him. It's hard enough to be under a microscope like that, and when it seems that your world is crumbling, that makes everything even more challenging to deal with. That's why we need to worry about Rob. 

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He has a history of going to a dark place and not taking care of himself like he deserves. Because of all this stress, he most definitely needs his loved one by his side. A source revealed to Hollywood Life that Rob "tucked back down the rabbit hole and has fallen back into depression again" and we really hope that isn't true. But we can understand his feeling terrible right now. So many things are going on in his life -- major life-changing things -- and when parts of your life aren't aligned or are off center, it can be very difficult to see the light, to see hope, to come out of the dark thoughts with more positive ones.

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We are hopeful that his sister Khloe knows what's going on -- she is the caretaker of the family and someone who truly knows how to be there for her loved ones in need. We are sure they are all stepping up to help him. We are hoping Rob is going to be okay ... and that he gets to the point of healing.


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