Kate Middleton and Prince William Are on a Top Secret Vacation: What We Know

kate middleton prince william charlotte georgeThe royals are on vacay! Kate Middleton and Prince William, along with the Prince George and Princess Charlotte, have flown to France to get some R&R, according to Hello!. They flew in a suitably fancypants $10.5 million Cessna private jet (owned by the Duke of Westminster, who is Prince George's godfather) to Pau-Pyrénées yesterday afternoon.


When the royals arrived, a group of Scotland Yard security were reportedly waiting for them, having arrived first to scope things out. Apparently they got the all clear, because upon landing, the royals, accompanied by George and Charlotte's Spanish nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, deplaned and immediately got into a couple of Range Rovers, noted a local publication La République des Pyrénées.

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The details beyond that are pretty nebulous. Local reports say that Kate, Wills, and the kids are visiting friends and relatives in France. Judging from where they landed, it's possible that they were heading to the coastal resort town Biarritz (located 70 miles from the airport).

Basically, nobody knows for sure where they are and what they're up to! Probably for the best. Because as much as we'd love to see what Kate opts to wear on the beach, or how darling the kids look building sand castles, the thing that'll make this vacation most enjoyable for the royals isn't their luxury transportation or likely to-die-for seaside digs ... it's privacy!


Image via Splash News

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