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15 Times Kim Kardashian Proved She's a Savvy Businesswoman

Celebrities Amy Goldman Aug 4, 2016

Kim KardashianNo matter what side you're on in the great T. Swift-Kimye debacle of 2016, it's hard to deny that Kim Kardashian is a savvy businesswoman. While her celebrity feuds and her revealing photo shoots usually get all the attention, Kim's many entrepreneurial accomplishments are often overlooked. We thought it was high time somebody gave Kim's business acumen the credit it deserves. 

Love her or hate her, you at least have to admire Kim's ability to generate major dinero. Keep reading for 15 of Kim Kardashian's savviest business moves.


Image via Pap Nation/Splash News

Image via Splash News

1Net Worth

According to Forbes's July 26th edition, Kim earned a cool $51 million in the last 12 months and ranks 43rd on their 2016 Celebrity 100 list. Considering that Kanye hasn't appeared on the list since 2014, it looks like Kim is the primary breadwinner for their growing family. #Respect

Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

2What's in an App?

Of that $51 million, 40 percent came from her mobile game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The game has generated $160 million since it launched in June 2014 and has been downloaded over 45 million times. Mobile apps, fashion, reality TV, what can't Kim do? (Particle physics, probably.)

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3A Kimoji for Every Emotion

Kim wasn't prepared to stop at just one mobile app. Her second app, Kimoji, launched in 2015. It features more than 250 Kim-themed emojis to cover every feeling viewers might experience while watching an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

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Image via Pap Nation/Splash News

4We're Still Keeping Up with the Kardashians

The Kardashian family's mega-successful reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, is now on its 12th season. Call it what you like -- fluff, tabloid fodder, the downfall of civilization -- but clearly this was one business endeavor of Kim's that's still going strong.

Image via Splash News

5She's DASHing to the Bank

Kim showed a lot of savvy when she opened DASH, a clothing and accessories boutique, with Kourtney and Khloe in 2006. The popular shop has expanded to a chain consisting of three locations including Miami, New York, and Los Angeles.  

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One instance where Kim showed off her dazzling (forgive us) business sense was when she co-founded ShoeDazzle.com in 2009. The business is a website that offers shoppers a curated selection of low-priced shoes and accessories every month. The business was sold to JustFab Inc. in 2013. 

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Image via Luis Yllanes/Splash News

7Bottom's Up

From 2011 to 2013, Kim savvily endorsed Midori Melon Liqueur because she knew the preferred way to enjoy Keeping Up with the Kardashians -- drunk. She stepped down as spokesperson for the brand when she became pregnant with North.

Image via Splash News

8No Onesie is Complete Without Pleather

Kim understands that North, Saint, Mason, Reign, and Penelope are the real stars of the Kardashian family. So it was a smart business move on her part when she launched the Kardashian Kids line of children's clothing at Toys "R" Us with Kourtney and Khloe in 2014.  

Image via Splash News

9Kickin' It Like Kim

If any of Kim's entrepreneurial magic comes from her outfits, maybe we should all aspire to dress a little bit more like her. Once upon a time, even those of us on a budget could do so, thanks to Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney's clothing line at Sears. Sears discontinued carrying the Kardashian Kollection last year, but the brand's impressive four-year run reflects just how much people look toward Kim for fashion and shopping cues. 

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10Eighty Percent of (Her) Success Is Showing Up

Kim understands how to wield her star power, so it makes sense that she makes a lot of monetary gains through public appearances. She was paid $300,000 for appearing at 1 Oak on New Year's Eve in 2012, and she made $50,000 for appearing at Topshop LA's opening. We'd love to get paid thousands of dollars just for showing up somewhere, but for now, we have to settle for also working once we get there.

Image via D.Wieland/Splash News

11An Energetic Endorsement

Kim doesn't shy away from endorsing products on her Instagram or in person to earn a buck or two, and it's a pretty ingenious way for someone famous to make money fast. One brand that she shills for is Hype Energy. Maybe the brand's energy drinks are the secret behind this busy mom's entrepreneurial success? Just kidding, it's obviously a combination of genetics, an innate business sense, and just being #blessed.

Image via iPix211/London Ent/Splash News

12It's Okay to Be a Little Selfish

One of the things that make Kim such a successful influencer is her massive following on social media, which includes the 78.4 million devoted fans and spambots who follow her on Instagram. That's why her first book, Selfish, was such a smart move. The coffee table book, jam-packed with Kim's infamous selfies, debuted last year.

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13Statement Jewelry

Kim's product lines and endorsements aren't all about losing weight and getting the perfect tan. She's also a successful jewelry designer. Kim designed a collection of statement jewelry for the Virgins, Saints & Angels brand with her sisters in 2010, and she launched her own jewelry collection called Belle Noel at Bloomingdales in 2011. 

Image via Lauren/Splash News

14Kimsaprincess Productions

Kim formed her own production company, Kimsaprincess Productions, LLC., which released three workout videos starring Kim herself. While the videos weren't exactly a threat to Jane Fonda's monopoly on the celebrity workout video industry, the move to produce her own content was an early demonstration of Kim's business savvy.

Image via WeirPhotos/Splash News

15Smells Like 51 Million Bucks

Kim debuted her first fragrance, the aptly named Kim Kardashian, in 2009. It was a savvy move for someone with such a vast fan base. She's released several variations of the perfume since. Do we sense a little bit of admiration for the Liz Taylor business model of fragrances in Kim's business practices? We sincerely hope so. We'd love nothing more than for Kim to follow in Liz's eccentric, diamond-covered entrepreneurial footsteps.  

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