Beyonce & Jay Z Are All of Us in This Adorable Elevator (Yes, Elevator!) Selfie

beyonce in elevator

With so many couples to swoon over in Hollywood, it's no secret that Beyonce and Jay Z are hands down one of our favorites. Of course, just when you think they're off the radar -- making moves like power couples do -- they grace us with yet another one of their most private (yet lovable) moments and it hits us all over again. Or at least that's the way it went down when Bey released family photos on her website. But it's this one in particular of Jay snapping a sultry shot of Bey -- ironically on an elevator -- that melted our hearts. 


The picture itself tells a story, as you catch a glimpse of Jay Z in the elevator mirror seemingly photobombing his wife. What's more hilarious than the idea of Bey recruiting her man as her personal photographer (as most of us are guilty of) is the idea that "hard knock" Jay Z might be subtly posing for a mirror selfie. 

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Jay Z & Beyonce, Europe

This photo is a hilarious tribute to men everywhere who won't fess up to enjoying the selfie scene, sometimes just as much as we girls do. It's then made priceless by Beyonce's pouty facial expression that sort of reads, "Are you done? Can we go now?" 

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While this may seem like an average act of coupledom, for this Hollywood couple in particular it's yet another reminder that they're just like us. Whether the couple has leveraged themselves in a more public and relatable nature as a power play, we may never know. Either way, it's quite refreshing to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of them in the midst of highs and presumed lows. 

I'm no psychiatrist, but it seems that because of the normalization of their relationship, it in turn makes us feel more admiration for them and, weirdly, better about the dysfunction in our own relationships. 

But the one truth that I'm absolutely certain of is this: Lemonade baggage and many elevator rides later (including the ones where sh*t goes down), we just can't get enough of them.


Image via Beyonce's Official Website

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