Selena Gomez Is All #WavyHairDontCare With Her Gorgeous New 'Do

selena gomezSummer hair is supposed to be easy, right? The definition of low-maintenance, beach-ready, I woke up like this beauty? Well, if all that is true, then Selena Gomez just nailed hot weather hair couture in a major way with a new wavy cropped 'do -- and believe us, it's gonna give you major #SummerHairGoals!


The 24-year-old actress/singer traded in her long, sleek locks for a shoulder-length cut with loose, easygoing (but still totally glam) waves, and the resulting look is equal parts rock star and surfer girl chic.

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Get ready for some serious hair envy:

KL, from the car

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on


BRB, throwing my flat iron in the garbage!! (And those sunglasses?! LOVE.) It's the kind of runway-ready look even those of us without a team of 24/7 stylists can pull off.

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Gomez looks like she was feeling pretty good about her new style in this backstage pic:


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Yasss!!! We don't know what inspired this change, but it is interesting that Gomez recently posted about feeling "inauthentic" on Instagram (on the day after her birthday, no less!). Perhaps the star is taking strides to get in touch with her true self? Whatever it is, she looks pretty authentically amazing to us!


Image via London Entertainment/Splash

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