Mila Kunis Swears Ashton Kutcher's Hung Like a Beer Can & Now We're Obsessed

Mila Kunis

During girl talk with good friends, there's rarely a subject that's off-limits. But what happens when you have to dish on national TV with James Corden? Sure, hanging with Corden can sometimes be just like hanging with a bestie, as he's proven on his hilarious carpool rides. However, hanging with a bestie usually doesn't include the potential threat of having to eat a buffet of the grossest sh*t imaginable -- which is ultimately the threat that actress Mila Kunis faced after Corden asked her whether hubby Ashton Kutcher's member was more like a carrot stick or a beer can.


With a little nudge from Bad Moms costar Christina Applegate, Kunis eventually sold her husband out (and understandably so) in a last-minute attempt to save herself from the toxic stench of clam juice (which was on said awful buffet) that would travel through her esophagus. With hesitation, she initially decided that Kutcher's penis was most reminiscent of a skinny carrot.

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But she then quickly reneged when Corden responded with a hilariously questionable look. In all fairness, from Kunis's perspective answering "beer can" would've seemed as though her hubby's penis was "short and stubby" versus "long and thin" -- and that probably would've been my first thought too. However, after a friendly reminder from Corden that there are big beer cans too, Kunis changed her tune.  

Now, in the past there's been some speculation -- perhaps from the likes of the late Brittany Murphy, who dated the Punk'd host back in 2002 -- that Kutcher may not be well-endowed. However, Kunis stood by her husband and proudly declared that her man is definitely a beer can -- more specifically, a tall and wide Guinness, to help paint the picture here.

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After all the hesitation and previous rumors, we're not sure we're buying it, but if there's one thing we know it's this: We'll probably be checking out Ashton Kutcher's package with every chance we get. Whether we're scooping it out through his jeans or if he happens to give us a little sneak peak on the big screen -- we've got some investigating to do. 

Personally, he was already eye candy -- but this has literally given fans all the more reason to stare down Kutcher like the piece of meat er, can of beer that he is. 


Image via The Late Night Show/YouTube

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