Kylie Jenner Posts Video of Tattoo Artist Inking Her Butt

kylie jenner

Another day, another inking. Kylie Jenner got a new tattoo recently -- and of course the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star showed it off on Snapchat. The final product hasn't been revealed yet, but, perhaps even better, Kylie did show off a video of a tattoo artist working on her butt. So there's that. 


Clad in black, lacy undies, Kylie shared a video of mystery man tattooing her backside. Because of course she did. Check it out:

Hello! "Holy shhhiit.... That guy is the luckiest tattoo artist on the planet," one of Kylie's followers wrote next to the photo. And no doubt, many agree with him.

More from CafeMom:

Ever since she turned 18, Kylie has been getting small tattoos here and there, including one on her hip and one on her inner arm that reads "Mary Jo" for her grandmother. Every time Kylie gets inked, though, the tattoos are incredibly small and in inconspicuous places. In fact, no one would ever know Kylie had any tattoos just by looking at her. Guess she's not ready to commit to a massive back piece just yet. 

But when she is, no doubt, she'll post it on Snapchat. Fingies crossed. 


Image via Ciao Hollywood/Splash News

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