Kylie Jenner Gets in on the Taylor Swift Shading Action

kylie jenner

Team Kimye -- #duh. On Monday, Kylie Jenner, who normally likes to shy away from controversy and confrontation as much as possible, seemed to take a jab at Taylor Swift on Snapchat. Kylie, who of course is on her big sister's side in this whole debacle, posted a video where she talked about how she was "fan-girling" over her new Allure cover, but right near Kylie's Allure is something pretty sneaky -- and something pretty anti-Taylor. 


In the snap, Kylie is at a magazine stand and prominently featured near Allure is the new In Touch, which features Taylor's face with the word "liar" written in giant yellow letters over it. Ouch! There's no way that wasn't intentional. Kylie is a social media master. She always knows what she's doing when she posts on Instagram and Snapchat. 

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Kylie has always looked up to Kim -- and they're family after all -- so it isn't a surprise at all that Kylie is supporting her sis. But it's definitely shocking that Kylie would shade Taylor like this. This isn't her style usually. She even managed to stay above the fray during all of the drama between her boyfriend Tyga and his ex Blac Chyna.  

So far, since Kim posted the video of Taylor giving approval to Kanye for his song "Famous," loads of people have come out in support of Kim -- including Khloe, who blasted Chloe Grace Moretz for supporting Taylor, and now Kylie. Of course Kourtney and Kendall are on their sister's side, but it will be interesting to see if they say so on social media. Chances are the girls will stay mum.

Bold move, Kylie! And kind of a surprise coming from you. But hey, when your sister's got bad blood, of course you do too.  


Image via SPW/Bello/Splash News

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