18 Kickass Songs to Get You Through Every Stage of a Sucky Breakup

So, it's over. You knew it was coming. Maybe it had been coming for a while. Or maybe you called it off. Or maybe you were just blindsided -- and your head's still spinning. However it went down, your relationship is now dead in the water. So sorry, love. Here's what's going to happen now: You are going to progress through the four stages of the (all-too) familiar breakup recovery process.


Of course, while these stages aren't actually proven by science, anyone will tell you that they are 100 percent legit. 

Stage One: Shock and Sadness
This is generally characterized by lots and lots of crying. Tears and more tears.

Stage Two: Denial and Desperation
In this stage you would seemingly bargain away your own soul to get your love back again. Don't be tempted -- it won't work.

Stage Three: Rage & Burn
A little anger is only natural -- and bitterness is to be expected. Slashing the ex's tires? That might be taking it too far. 

Stage Four: Moving On
Hurray, you survived! Now go enjoy your life minus that old sandbag holding you down. 

To guide you through this emotional tilt-a-whirl, we've collected a list of the best breakup songs that capture just how you're feeling right now. So go someplace quiet, put on your headphones, and listen to some music. It'll help. We promise. 


Image via Blablo101/Shutterstock

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