17 Ways Prince George Took After His Uncle Harry

Prince GeorgePrince George is just 3 years old and he's already gotten a bit of a reputation around the castle as a wild child. His dad called him "spoilt" at his birthday party, but maybe George really isn't a spoiled king in the making. Maybe his wild streak is just a case of genetics.

George's uncle Harry is a bit of a wild child himself. Who could forget Harry's infamous naked trip to Vegas? It's safe to assume that no matter what Kate and William do, they're going to have a loose cannon on their hands. After all, the apple doesn't fall far from his uncle's tree!


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  • That Grin

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Prince Harry is known for his mischievous grin. Looks like George inherited that too.

  • Wild Thing

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    Harry is known for breaking all the rules. It looks like George is a rebel too.

  • Crowd Pleaser

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    Harry loves a crowd. Apparently George does too.

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  • Prince Charming

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    Just like his uncle, little George already knows how to charm even the toughest of crowds.

  • Life's a Party

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    For Harry, life's a party. George is following in his footsteps.

  • Rebel With a Cause

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    George is all about fun! He must have learned that from Uncle Harry.

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  • Attention Lover

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    George already seems to love royal attention, just like Harry.

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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    Harry is known for a devilish twinkle in his eye. George is known for being a little devil too.

  • Wild at Heart

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    William commented on his son's wild bathing habits, saying, "At the moment, bath time is quite painful, but hopefully donning a snorkel and mask might calm him down." Surely, Diana must have said something similar about Harry as a kid.

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  • Funny Guy

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    Harry is known for his wicked sense of humor. Looks like George has the family funny bone as well. Aunt Pippa Middleton said of her nephew George, "He's very characterful. He's sort of brought us all together, and we love spending weekends with him. He's very funny."  

  • Beach Bum

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    Prince Harry has a soft place in his heart for the environment and has even traveled to Africa to work against poaching. William sees that in his son, saying, "I can see George being a bit of a bum sometimes out in the conservation world with his bangles and his sandals." 

  • The Great Outdoors

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    Harry is an avid athlete who loves hiking and travel. Prince William described George as the same, saying, "He's one of those characters, I think, who naturally, instinctively, likes to be outside. I'm intrigued to see if it lasts, but he loves being outside, which is encouraging."

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  • Rascal

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    William described George as "a little bit of a rascal." He's surely said the same about his brother Harry.

  • Hot Head

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    Harry can be a bit of a hothead. George, too. William described his son by saying, "He's a bit of a fighter." Well, at least he can get tips from his uncle.

  • Play It Forward

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    Prince William described George by saying, "He's a bonny lad and you'll be pleased to know that he's currently preparing for life as a prop forward!" Harry's known for his athletic prowess. Good thing George inherited some.

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  • Precious

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    Remember Harry's wild trip to Vegas? The city barely survived. Watch out when George travels, too. On a trip to Malta, William quipped, "Malta may not survive baby George. There are a lot of precious things here."

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm

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    Harry is known for his always-present smile. At the recent Trooping of Color, Kate described George, saying, "I've honestly never seen him so excited. His face lit up." Just like Uncle Harry.

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