17 Celebrities Who Are Hooked on Pokémon Go, Too!

Think video games are for tweens? Hardly! According to recent research, 40 percent of Pokémon Go players are 25 or older. The stat makes perfect sense given that the first Pokémon game was released for Game Boy back in 1996. So if you're feeling a bit foolish walking around empty parking lots, university campuses, and supermarket aisles in hopes of capturing Pokémon, remember you're not the only grown-up trying to catch 'em all. In fact, a number of celebrities are also hooked on the augmented reality game, documenting their captures, sharing PokéStops in their areas, and bragging about gym battle victories, just like you!



From Jimmy Fallon to Chrissy Teigen, check out the celebrities who have been pulled into the Pokémon Go matrix — and seem to be loving every second of it!


Image via mariolopezextra/Instagram

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