Prince William & Kate Middleton Accused of Animal Cruelty

How dare Prince George be absolutely adorable and a sweet boy to his pup? Really, what were Prince William and Kate Middleton thinking, raising such a little monster? The Internet went nuts on the royal family this week, after candid photos of George offering a lick of ice cream to the family's pet dog were released to the public.



The newly 3-year-old prince was photographed at Will and Kate's family home in Norfolk recently, and in one of those photos, the tot was captured offering a lick of his ice cream cone to his pet pooch Lupo.

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Because of course William and Kate are all about animal cruelty, and they're obviously trying to teach their little boy to murder the dog. Dogs are notoriously allergic to chocolate, and can be allergic to dairy too, so people on Twitter felt the need to call out the little monarchist monster.

Monarchistic. Monster.



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Even the RSPCA issued a statement saying that people should not feed their dogs ice cream. But thankfully most people were more bothered by people getting bothered over the photo than by the pic itself. After all, Lupo isn't even eating the ice cream. And who knows? Maybe it's a dog-safe treat. They do make those, you know.


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