Pippa Middleton Will Inherit a Royal Title of Her Own After Marriage

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Title versus title! After the engagement of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews was announced yesterday, it's been revealed that, like her sister Kate, Pippa will eventually inherit a royal title of her own.   


One day, Pippa will become Lady Glen Affric -- and will have access to a 10,000-acre Scottish estate. NBD. James is the son of David Matthews, who's the Laird of Glen Affric. Upon his father's death, James will inherit his title, at which point Pippa will receive the "courtesy" title of Mrs. Matthews of Glen Affric. Some are speculating that the two won't use the titles, as it's been reported that James, who's an incredibly rich hedge fund manager, is super down-to-earth. But time will tell!

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Like Prince William and Prince Harry, James went to college at Eton and runs in a fancy-pants circle of people. That said, his father is a former mechanic and his grandfather a coal-miner, so maybe he and Pippa will feel silly using their titles. Whatever they decide to do, one thing is for certain: These two are crazy for each other. The pair got engaged after less than a year of dating!

She may not be the future Queen of England, but we all knew that when Pippa eventually did get engaged to someone, he was going to be well-off and possibly with a title. What can we say? The girl has always had fancy taste in men. 

Congrats to the happy couple. Hopefully the subject of using their titles won't come up for a while, as it rides on the passing of James's father. And whatever they decide to do at that time -- use the titles or not -- they can take comfort in the fact that they have each other. And a massive castle in Scotland. 


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