Derick Dillard's New Photo of Israel Has Fans Worried for the Baby's Safety

Israel (Duggar) DillardIf someone came to you with "constructive criticism," would you openly accept the feedback, or think that said someone was trying to make a dig? Time will only tell what Jill (Duggar) Dillard and her husband Derick think about about all the disapproval they're receiving surrounding their pride and joy. Concerned Duggar fans dislike this new photo of Israel, because they think the 1-year-old might be in harm's way.


Derick Dillard probably had no idea his adorable Instagram photo of Israel would cause such controversy -- but it did.

Take a look at the pic and see if you can point out what people think is wrong.

Pistols firing! Only 45 days til some OSU cowboy football starts! Go Pokes!

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"Just because they are in a third world country doesn't mean they shouldn't buckle their child in safely," wrote one commenter.

"Just bc she has siblings doesn't mean she is putting her kid in the seat correctly," stated another.

"Saying this with kindness- his chest clip needs to be up a little higher. It also looks like his little head is going above the top of the seat itself which isn't safe," mentioned another Duggar fan.

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While car seat chest clip placement is very important, we don't know if Derick (or Jill) wanted to take a quick snap of Israel before driving off.

Maybe they moved up the clips, and maybe they didn't.

(We just don't have all the facts.)

Hopefully this family continues to stay safe! We're counting the days before the Dillards head back to the United States -- and give us another awesome season of Jill & Jessa: Counting On. (Woo hoo!)


Image via derickdillard/Instagram

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