Shannen Doherty Says Eff Breast Cancer as She Shares Pics of Her Shaving Her Head

Shannen Doherty

Over the past couple of decades, we've known Shannen Doherty for many things -- the most notable being her sassy, courageous roles on TV. But, since the iconic '90s actress announced that she was battling breast cancer last year, we've come to know her as just Shannen -- not Prue or Brenda, but Shannen the brave fighter


After a long-winded lawsuit against her management firm, claiming that its failure to pay her medical expenses ultimately resulted in the advancement of the cancer, Doherty is finally receiving the necessary treatment.

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Cupcake pan, chocolates and a razor.... Stay tuned. @annemkortright has got this. #cancersucks #thankgodforfriends

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Nearly a year after she declared that she was set to undergo chemotherapy and a mastectomy, she has posted heartbreaking photos of each "step" taken during the process of shaving her brown locks, alongside her loved ones. She put her full faith in her friend Anne Kortright-Shilstat to get the job done, and the ladies went forward and began the process. 

The fact that she's documented her journey -- extending her bravery to others who may be suffering from a potentially fatal disease, and possibly giving someone, somewhere, a bit of hope -- is what truly makes this all the more difficult to watch. While there's bound to be some fear that lies within the actress, she's managed to put on the best possible face while fighting back against her cancer, and that there is something special -- to choose to fight instead of being consumed by the possibilities.  

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And we're not the only ones who are in total awe of Doherty's openness and her courageous Instagram post. Kortright-Shilstat, who helped shave the actresses, wrote an endearing Instagram post along with a repost of a photo of the two of them:

I couldn't be prouder of you today. Your strength and courage is so inspiring and I am so very lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for blindly trusting me today to help you with such a big step. I will forever be there for you no matter what. #fuckcancer

Step 1

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Other celebs, such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, reposted some of the images from Doherty's page, adding their own supportive messages along the way.

Step 2

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Gellar's post read, "It already takes a strong woman to fight breast cancer, but it takes an even stronger woman to share that journey."

Step 3

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She further added, " are not fighting alone, you have the thoughts and prayers of not only all of us that know and love you, but the rest of the world too. #fuckcancer"

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Step 4

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With a strong mentality and an amazing support system, the process is sure to be a bit smoother for the actress. 

Step 5

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While each of these photos breaks our hearts a little more than the last, we feel confident in saying you "got this," Shannen, and we're hopeful that you will totally kick cancer's ass. 

Step 6

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And, oh yeah, #FuckCancer!

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