Josh Duggar Accused of Joining Dating App Grindr

Talk about disturbing! Josh Duggar has been accused of joining Grindr, a gay hookup site similar to Tinder. How could he possibly do such a thing while claiming that he's working on rebuilding his marriage with Anna?


An image of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's eldest child has been making its rounds on the Internet, featuring Josh's smiling face while holding up a cellphone with the Grindr app installed.

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Dude. You'd think after being caught cheating in the Ashley Madison hack last August, and subsequently spending seven months in rehab for sex addiction, he'd have learned his lesson.

Well, maybe he has. According to Inquisitr, the image is photoshopped from a 2013 photo that was posted to the Duggar's family blog. In the original, the image on Josh's cellphone screen is a photo of a war memorial.

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We're really glad to hear that Josh isn't cheating on Anna again. As much as some of us may not agree with her decision to stay with Josh, she deserves to find her happiness again. Pretty hard to do that when your husband is on Grindr.


Image via DCHomos/Twitter

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