Jessa Duggar's 'Problem' With Baby Spurgeon Is One All Moms Can Relate To

Now this is something all parents of babies can relate to! Jessa (Duggar) Seewald showed off Spurgeon's new skill in an adorable video, and then a picture of the aftermath when she looked away for a second.


The 8-month-old learned to pry the lid off his plastic container of puffs. Jessa captioned that his two new bottom teeth came in rather handy with the endeavor. He is just so cute!

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Can you guess what happened next? Jessa put the lid back on, and thought that was that ... until she turned her attention elsewhere for just a second. Spurge took the opportunity to get that lid off again, this time dumping the whole thing in his lap!

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Jessa shared, "He looked up at me like 'Whoa. That was awesome!' And then started to eat them out of his lap. Lol! I could only laugh and try to capture the moment with a pic."

Jessa is such a great mama to this little guy -- we love that she was able to laugh at this mess and just live in the moment. Messes happen when you have kids ... getting upset about it isn't going to help anything. Better to just laugh, live and learn, and keep the puffs out of reach from now on. 

Image via ben_seewald/Instagram

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