Kate Middleton Might Be Excluded From Pippa Middleton's Wedding Party

Pippa and Kate Middleton We all remember how this stunning bridesmaid nearly upstaged her sister, the princess bride. So, now that it's Pippa Middleton's turn to walk down the aisle, will she really exclude Kate from the wedding party for fear all eyes will be on the Duchess of Cambridge? Royal experts believe she might.


It was Pippa's picture-perfect posterior that nearly stole the show at the royal wedding back in 2011. But now that Kate is poised to be the future Queen of England, royal-watchers fear the always-head-turning mom of two will overshadow Pippa and fiancé James Matthew's big day.

Kate and Pippa Middleton

Personally, if anyone is going to upstage Pippa, my money is on the most adorable royals of all: Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Imagine how precious they'd be as ring-bearer and flower girl?

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Though it does seem like it would be hard to take our eyes off Kate, who could make even your most garish bridesmaid's gown look gorgeous, it's really hard to imagine Pippa not asking her big sis to serve as her matron of honor. 

Despite her royal status, Kate always comes off as genuine and real -- and so does Pippa. We're sure they wouldn't let the duchess's title stand in the way of what would be an incredibly special moment for them and their family.  

Plus, it's fun to think about Kate fluffing Pippa's train and no doubt gracing us with one of her signature eye-rolls! Time will tell.


Images via Mirrorpix / Splash News; Michael Murdock / Splash News

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