Kim Kardashian's Incredible Shrinking Waist Makes Us Do a Double Take

kim kardashian

She's #sorrynotsorry incarnate! A few days after ish hit the fan between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, Kim emerged in Los Angeles looking thinner than ever with a leather corset. From her outfit and the look on the reality star's face, she doesn't seem to be too broken up over what's happened between her and Taylor. 


Kim was seen arriving to a photo shoot in LA on Tuesday with capri leggings, a baggy T-shirt, a leather corset, and a smirk. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wore her hair in a tight bun and her waist looked tinier than ever. Clearly, she's fully dedicated to slimming down as much as possible after the birth of Saint. Check her out:

kim kardashian

Wow, right? Kim looks tiny here. All of her hard work -- and corset-wearing -- certainly seem to be paying off. 

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As the story goes, Kim isn't just acting aloof and nonchalant for the cameras. Evidenty, she and Kanye really aren't too concerned about Taylor taking any legal action after Kim posted a secretly recorded convo between Taylor and Kanye online. In fact, a source has even gone on to tell Us Weekly, "Kim and Kanye hope that one day they can make up with Taylor. They aren’t interested in having this beef." Um, okay. 

Kim certainly doesn't seem like the type of person to lose sleep over too much, so it's no surprise that she's back in the limelight days after the massive feud erupted, flaunting her hot bod. Since the release of the conversation, though, Taylor has been nowhere in sight. Hopefully, the pop star will take a page out of her nemesis's book sometime soon and shake it off. Leather corset not necessary. 


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