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18 Times Pippa Middleton Proved She's a Class Act

Celebrities Amy Goldman Jul 25, 2016

Pippa MiddletonPippa Middleton could easily coast by as the cool, stylish younger sister of the maybe future queen of England, but that's not her jam. Unlike many siblings of famous people, Pippa isn't someone you'll catch drunkenly stumbling out of some posh nightclub. She's too busy exercising, supporting charities, and looking absurdly chic while acting as a spectator at tennis matches. That's why Pippa is such a class act. 

We've rounded up photos that capture Pippa Middleton at her most sophisticated and charitable. Keep reading for 18 times Pippa proved she's every bit as classy as her sister, Kate.


Image via ISP/Splash News

Image via Gotcha Images/Splash News

1Humble Brag

Just because she's newly engaged doesn't mean Pippa is about to flash her giant engagement ring everywhere. Instead, she's playing it cool and covering her ring with her dog's leash like a total class act.

Image via James Jenkins/Splash News

2Jogging for Joy

Rather than posting photos of her sizable diamond ring to Instagram, Pippa celebrated her new engagement by going on a run. If only we all could look so posh while running in the hot summer sun.

Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

3A Pop of Color

Pippa's commitment to charity work is well documented, and she always manages to look sophisticated at events like the British Heart Foundation Roll Out the Red Ball. She accessorized her posh black and white dress with the perfect amount of red as a nod to the event's theme. 

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Image via DFF/Splash News

4The Art of Looking Good Without Looking Too Good

Pippa looked stunning in this gorgeous fuschia and orchid dress while attending a friend's wedding. She always manages to show up to weddings looking perfectly stylish without trying to compete with the bride. We can't be the only ones who rolled our eyes when a less-than-thoughtful relative wore a low-cut, bright red dress to a family wedding. 

Image via Splash/British Heart Foundation

5Flower Power

Not only did Pippa look incredibly sophisticated in this pink and white floral dress, but she actually designed the dress to be auctioned off to support the British Heart Foundation. It's almost unfair that someone could be such a good person and so gorgeous at the same time.

Image via Splash News

6Oh, Hello There

Pippa is so fit and good-willed that might as well star in her own superhero movie. We can picture it now -- Pippa cycles past bystanders as they marvel aloud: "There's Miss Union Jack, saving the day again on her invisible bicycle." 

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Image via All Over Sweden/Splash News

7Move Over, Aquaman

Pippa looks cute as a button while demonstrating her incredible athletic prowess. She participated in the Otillo Swim-Run Championship in Sweden to raise money for the Michael Matthews Foundation, because Pippa is never anything less than flawless.

Image via Splash News

8'60s Chic

Pippa recently wore a bright mod-inspired dress to Wimbledon. This is just what she looks like when she watches people play tennis. Meanwhile, we wear jean shorts and old T-shirts of untraceable origin to baseball games.

Image via Mirrorpix

9A Wild David Beckham Appears

Pippa met David Beckham at Wimbledon and somehow managed to stay this cool and composed. What a class act. We'd probably, embarrassingly, behave like millennials who drank one too many bottles of kombucha and just spotted a wild Vaporeon on Pokémon Go.

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Image via Tony Clark/Splash News

10They're a Shady Crew

Could Pippa and her family look any more like an Oliver Peoples ad? We think not. The family stunned in their sunnies together at Wimbledon. 

Image via JJ/Splash News

11Pippa of Arendelle

Pippa looked more like Queen Elsa of Arendelle than the sister of a future queen of England at the ParaSnowBall last year. She always steps it up sartorially for charity events, which shows how much she cares about them. The event was a black-tie fundraising ball for Disability SnowSport UK. 

Image via BHF/Splash News

12Bike for a Cause

As a British Heart Foundation Ambassador and cycling enthusiast, Pippa participates in many cycling events to promote the organization's efforts. She posed for this portrait in honor of the 40th year of the BHF's London to Brighton Bike Ride. Pure class.

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13The Perfect Guest

Here's Pippa looking extra ladylike at a British Heart Foundation event last year. She looks so classy in her lacy red dress we almost can't stand it.

Image via Splash News

14She's a Never-Nude

Pippa looked polished and demure in a shimmery nude dress at the 2014 GQ Men of the Year Awards. Showing up for an event looking great but in a way that's low-key enough to keep people's attention on the honorees seems to be a specialty of hers.

Image via Neil Warner/Splash News

15Friendly Competition

Instead of weirdly staged photos displaying just a little too much PDA (we're looking at you, Taylor and Tom Hiddleston), Pippa and her fiancé James celebrate their relationship by participating in athletic events. Here they competed in the Birkebeiner ski race in Norway.

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16Sideline Style

Could anyone be more adorable? Pippa looked sunny and très chic at Wimbledon in 2014. She came prepared with a magazine because classy people know how to keep themselves entertained in between tennis matches.

Image via John Furniss/Corbis/Splash News

17Plum Perfect

Pippa was as classy as can be at an event for Spectator Life magazine. She looked like the textbook definition of sophistication in her plum shift dress and dainty, waist-accentuating belt.

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