Blac Chyna's Dad May Have Just Accidentally Revealed Baby's Sex

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Well, this is unfortunate. Despite the fact that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have been keeping most of the details about their baby-to-be under wraps, it looks like Blac Chyna's dad have just accidentally revealed baby's sex. Oh, Dad!


While sitting down for an interview with Now magazine, Eric Holland -- aka Papa Chyna -- said, "Rob and I have had some one-on-one time. All I can say is he’s excited about the prospect of a boy." Hmm ... while an odd thing to say, that alone doesn't flat-out say that the couple is having a boy, but what Holland said next all but confirms a male Kardashian is on the way. "I said to Rob, 'I know you’re just going to keep going with Angie until you have more than one boy, right?''' Holland added. "And he laughed. It wouldn’t surprise me if they went on to have four or more kids." Um, what?

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What is this man thinking?! He's obviously excited for his daughter, but doesn't he know it's customary not to reveal the sex of your child's unborn baby to a magazine? (Also, he seems like a very nice man, but anyone else wondering why he was interviewed?)

Holland didn't say for sure that the couple was having a boy, but it sure as heck sounds like it. And this of course is exactly the opposite of what we thought -- it was previously reported that Rob and Chyna were having a little girl

Welp, we'll find out what Rob and Chyna are having in a few months. But, seriously, Dad, what on earth were you thinking? #notcool


Image via exen/Splash News

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