Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Won't Have to Worry About a Taylor Swift Lawsuit After All

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They're untouchable! After Kim Kardashian released a recording of Taylor Swift and Kanye West talking on the phone about his song "Famous" to Snapchat, there were murmurs of Taylor taking legal action due to Kanye illegally recording a conversation. (In California, it's illegal to record a confidential convo between two people if one person isn't privy to the fact that it's being recorded.) As it turns out, though, Kim and Kanye can't be prosecuted for a crime of that nature, as Taylor knew other people were listening in on the phone call. 


If you've seen the video of the phone call, it's obvious that Taylor knew that other people were present. She could have easily surmised that she was on speaker phone, even if Kanye never said anything, as a few people, including producer Rick Rubin, interject in the conversation numerous times. While it's not legal to record a private conversation in California, it's okay to record a conversation that "may be overheard," which this obviously was. 

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While some people are looking at Taylor Swift in a new light after Kim leaked this conversation, it seems like the majority of people are shaking their heads at Kim and Kanye for stooping so low. In their effort to prove themselves right, they came off looking a little immature and petty. 

Who knows what will happen with this ridiculous feud, which has been going on for way too long. But it doesn't seem like either side is going to budge. And it also doesn't seem like there will ever be consequences for Kim and Kanye. 


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