Khloe Kardashian's New Video of Mason Proves He's Quite the Little Comedian

khloe kardashian

Mason the impersonator! On Monday, Khloe Kardashian shared a super hilarious -- super sweet -- video of her nephews, Mason and Reign Disick. In the video, Mason, being the 6-year-old that he is, allows his baby brother to bite his finger as hard as he can and then proceeds to go into the ol' "Charlie bit my finger" schtick -- complete with a British accent! 


Khloe, who's in hot water with fans right now for attempting to post an incriminating photo of Chloe Grace Moretz to Twitter, posted the sweet video to Instagram, along with the caption, "I miss my boys. How cute are they?!?!" Pretty cute, Khloe, pretty cute. 

I miss my boys ��� How cute are they?!?

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Mason does a pretty good British accent. Perhaps the Disick fam has a future actor on their hands. And in other news: How cute is Reign?! He's just a perfect, smooshy little baby. Heavenly. 

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Many of Khloe's followers commented on how adorable the boys are, because #duh. But not everyone was bamboozled by Mason and Reign's cuteness and they took the opportunity to call Khloe out on her feud with Chloe. "You exposed a random girl's ass thinking it was chloe's... shame on you," one commenter wrote, while another chimed in with, "So funny. It's like putting up puppies to distract her embarrassing situation." So, yeah. People didn't forget what Khloe did. 

Circling back though, Mason and Reign really are an insanely cute duo. No doubt, the pair will get into some trouble together when they're older. And hopefully Reign will have stopped biting Mason by then. #brothers


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