Lamar Odom Is Met With a Grim Consequence After His Recent Crazy Antics

lamar odom

His downward spiral continues. After reportedly being kicked out of Khloe Kardashian's rental home -- and kicked off a Delta flight -- Lamar Odom has also been kicked off Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The former NBA player hasn't had a huge role on the show in recent years, but Lamar has been featured quite a bit this past season. Not anymore!


According to reports, because of his drug issues, Lamar has been fired from the show (which pays him) and will not appear on season 13 of the hit series. A Kardashian insider told Radar Online, "Kris is not offering Lamar any type of contract for next season or any season thereafter." The source went on to say that the famous family feels that Lamar "has really disgraced all of them and their show." Hard to argue with that. 

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Apparently, Lamar didn't have a contract with KUWTK, but instead was being paid every time he had an appearance on the show. The family was hoping that he'd work through all of his issues and get to the point where he'd have a legit contract, but obviously that didn't pan out. "Instead of using the money that he made from filming last season to better himself, he used to keep up his party lifestyle," the source said. "The whole family is just done with him."

Khloe and the rest of the Kardashian clan have given Lamar more than enough chances to prove himself, but each time he just disappoints. It's gotten to the point where the family just needs to move on and stop hoping for something different. It's heartbreaking, but Lamar really isn't going to change -- and the last thing he needs is to be making money off a reality show. 


Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

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