Prince George May Be Getting an Epic Present for His Third Birthday

prince george

He wants for nothing. Prince George will turn 3 years old on Friday, July 22 (crazy!), and according to reports, the little royal will be getting a puppy for his birthday. Because when you live in a castle and have already been around the world, what the heck else do you get?


The Daily Mail has reported that Kate Middleton and Prince William will be gifting their toddler with a Bolonka Zwetna, which is a small dog similar to a Bichon Frise. Even though George already has Lupo the English Cocker Spaniel at home, the duke and duchess -- like all parents -- want to blow their little boy's mind on his big day. A royal insider said, "Bolonka Zwetnas are energetic, sturdy and playful -- perfect for George. And while they have a tendency to suffer hip dysplasia, they also have a love of sitting on laps for warmth." Hopefully, George doesn't read the Daily Mail!

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No doubt, if George opens a ribboned box with a puppy inside on his birthday, he will freak out! It's every kid's dream! And fortunately for the royal family, they have plenty of people to help out with walking the dog and taking care of him when they're traveling. Really, there's no reason for them not to get a dog. 

This, of course, sets the bar pretty high for future birthdays, though. If you get your 3-year-old a(nother) dog for his birthday, what do you get him for his fourth? And what do you get his sister?

The duke and duchess surely will continue to come up with amazing presents for all of their kids' birthdays. And before they know it, they'll have a massive house full of dogs. 


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