Khloe Kardashian Has Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunction Thanks to the Flash of a Camera

khloe kardashian

She's sexy and she knows it. On Saturday, Khloe Kardashian met up with Blac Chyna for dinner (right?!), but the unusual meeting took a backseat to the fact that Khloe's nipples were front and center at the meal. Good times!


Khloe, who looks incredible these days, put her hot bod on display in a skintight, low-cut gold bodysuit; sky-high heels; and ripped jeans. Clearly, the youngest Kardashian sis wasn't wearing a bra, because the bodysuit was sort of see-through with the flash of cameras. Check out Khloe -- damn, girl.

khloe kardashian

That bodysuit! Just ... wow! Not a look everyone can pull off, but, as usual, Khloe kills it. And she doesn't seem to be the least bit self-conscious of her wardrobe malfunction. Hey, she's comfy with her body. Nothing wrong with that. And who wouldn't show off their gorgeous figure if they looked as good as Khloe?

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It's great to see that Khoe is putting all the drama with her brother and Blac Chyna behind her and is focusing on building a relationship with her future sister-in-law. She's going to have another little niece or nephew to love on soon -- who wants beef with his or her mom?

Looking good, Khloe! This isn't an outfit for everyone, but you manage to pull it off. You have to be wearing something puh-retty sexy for it to take the focus off your meeting with Blac Chyna. You never disappoint, do you?

khloe kardashian



Images via Bello/J I X/Splash News

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