14 Times Prince George & Princess Charlotte Acted Like Regular Kids

Amy Goldman | Jul 19, 2016 Celebrities

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Neil Warner/TGB/Splash News

It's easy to forget, given their royal names, that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are probably a lot like every other kid you've met. It's likely that when they aren't expertly posing for royal portraits, Charlotte and George play hide-and-seek, obsess over the latest Pokémon-like craze, and pick their noses (but hopefully not each other's).

Just because you're born with a tiny gold crown to your name doesn't mean you don't want to play or goof off every now and then. It doesn't mean you don't need to cry sometimes -- even if that's when everyone's watching -- or that you're not moved by the need to skip while walking with mum and dad from time to time. Kids will be kids, thank goodness, and that goes for George and Charlotte too. 

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Of course, every so often, these royal cuties surprise us right out of our royal awe by behaving just like regular kids. We may not always expect it with all the pomp and circumstance that surrounds their public outings, but it sure does make us all feel a little more normal about our kids and their behavior.

Keep reading to see some of our favorite photos of Princess Charlotte and Prince George acting like every other little kid we know.

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